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December 8, 2017

Christmas on the Campground

on the Campground was held December 8-10 this year, and thousands came out during the weekend to enjoy the festivities. It was very cold and windy , but thankfully also dry each night. The campground was beautifully illuminated and a pleasure to see.

Perhaps the most exciting part of Christmas on the Campground is the Nativity Pageant, which requires more than two hundred Sunday school students in order to hold nine performances in three days, not to mention the adult staff. That makes for a lot of excited kids! Each night, the backstage area was a flurry of hustling people as the cast arrived to get into costume and then awaited their first performance. There was a big crowd ready to watch each time, and they all heard the true Christmas story of how Jesus was sent to save lost souls. We pray the message was received and embraced by everyone who heard it.

Other highlights of the weekend were the opportunity to see Curly the Camel and to get up close and personal with furry friends in the petting zoo. Curly’s owner brought goats, a sheep, and a donkey, plus the Hall family brought their own pig and bunnies, which many people were delighted to cuddle up with in the cold (referring to the bunnies, not the pig).

When the guests needed a break from the cold, they could walk over to the Fellowship Lodge and warm up with cookies, cocoa, and coffee. There was also hot food available for purchase at a barbeque food cart. It was not possible to run the hayride this year due to ongoing construction projects on the campground, but it is expected to be back next year, and by then the campground will look even more beautiful with the new office complete.

This was the ninth Christmas on the Campground, and each year seems just as great as the last. It is a tradition we hope to share with the community for many more years to come!

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Christmas on the Campground