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April 21, 2019

Easter Concert

The sanctuary was full on Easter evening as people gathered to celebrate Christ’s resurrection through the musical “Believe,” presented by the combined choirs, orchestra, and soloists, and directed by Gary Riler. The audience was first welcomed by Pastor Dave Lambert, and then the lights dimmed and narrators Jeff Yellott and Delores Mathews described the political situation in Israel leading up to Jesus’ ministry. Video clips showed actors portraying key witnesses to the final week of Jesus’ life, helping viewers to understand the political pressures on Pilate, the control Caiaphas exerted, the grief of Jesus’ mother Mary, the doubts Thomas had to overcome, and John’s amazement as he saw his Lord crucified and then resurrected.

The first choir pieces were “Come, Now Is the Time to Worship with Praise Adonai” and “Save Us,” which related the emotions the multitude experienced on Palm Sunday. “Here at Your Table” was a song about the Last Supper and featured Diana Lambert as soloist. Caleb Copko was the soloist in “Love Divine,” which spoke of Jesus’ motivation for laying down His life, and Imelda Nedelcu was featured in the “Jesus, Hail the Lamb Medley,” telling of His death. Michael McCarville and Kristi Riler related how Jesus’ death for all mankind was actually a very personal act in “Everything to Me.”

The mood changed from somber to triumphant as the choir sang of Christ’s resurrection in “He Lives with Rise Up and Praise Him.” Then the narrators gave the conclusion of the program saying, “In less than a month, the disciples were boldly preaching Christ resurrected, fearless in the face of death. . . . The only thing which could explain that phenomenon was belief. You see, it is not enough to simply believe; belief is completed by the decision to follow.” The finale song by the choir was “Worship Celebration” featuring Jillian Luka as soloist as they sang, “Thank You for the Cross, Lord,” and “Worthy is the Lamb.” It was a perfect ending to a beautiful Easter concert!

Watch the full service in the Media Center.

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Portland Easter Concert 2019