Portland News

April 4, 2021

Easter Morning Service

Though Easter is always a special time, it was particularly joyful this year considering that the congregation had been unable to gather in person for Easter last year. It was simply wonderful to be with the family of God and celebrate the victory Christ won through His death and resurrection!

The Easter service began with a prelude by a brass ensemble playing “Up from the Grave He Arose” and “Jesus Shall Reign.” The congregation then sang a few songs that reflected on Christ’s Resurrection and the hope it gives to all Christians.

Throughout the service, there were music specials interspersed with Scripture readings taken from the Book of Luke. The Scriptures detailed Jesus rising from the dead and the disciples finding the empty tomb. The first special was a men’s quartet singing “Rise Again.” The song began by relating Jesus dying on the Cross and promising to “rise again,” and the last chorus talked about Jesus promising to come back to earth for His people. Later, the men’s quartet sang another song titled “And God Cried.” It opened by describing the pain and suffering Jesus endured on Good Friday, told from the perspective of God looking down from Heaven. The verse ended with the somber words, “. . . and God cried.” In contrast, the last portion of the song portrayed the joy of Easter with the words, “And God cried, ‘Jesus is alive!’” The last special was a mixed trio singing “Living Hope.” It spoke of Jesus’ death and Resurrection, and how they brought mankind hope and salvation.

Wayne Butler, visiting from Neah Bay, Washington, preached the sermon. He talked about how Christians are rich in Christ and are bought by Jesus’ Blood shed on the Cross. Brother Wayne noted how Jesus said, “Because I live, ye shall live also,” affirming that God has given His people the gift of eternal life through His Son. The service ended with the song “I Live” and a closing prayer.

Watch the full service in the Media Center.