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September 20, 2017

Fall Bible Study Series: Part 1

An eight-week Bible study series titled “The Life and Teachings of Paul” began on Wednesday, September 20, in the Fellowship Lodge.

Dayle Lee was the speaker for the first session, which was an overview of the series. He gave an introduction to Paul’s background, travels, writings, and message.

Of Paul’s background, Brother Dayle said he was born in Tarsus, Turkey, around A.D. 1 to a Jewish family. He received Roman citizenship upon birth, indicating that his family was wealthy. His father was a tent maker and a Pharisee, and Paul eventually followed him in both areas. From about age fourteen to twenty, Paul studied in Jerusalem under Gamaliel, a greatly esteemed teacher of the Jewish oral law. Paul likely spoke several languages, and with his education, was highly regarded in Jewish society.

After his conversion, Paul made three missionary journeys covering about 6,900 miles. He traveled throughout the Mediterranean region establishing churches, and later exhorted those congregations through letters. Brother Dayle brought out that according to Acts 16:6, none of Paul’s trips were random, but the Holy Spirit directed his steps.

Paul’s letters were described as powerful while his body and speech were said to be weak and contemptible. However, he was successful in winning souls and planting churches, proving that the power of the Gospel is in the message, not the deliverer.

Paul’s message remained consistent from the time of his conversion. Whether he was testifying, preaching, or writing, he proclaimed that Jesus was the Son of God and the Messiah who died for our sins and rose again.

This series on Paul is scheduled to continue on Wednesday mornings at 11:15 through November 8. For those who cannot attend, the sessions are webcast live and archived online.

Watch the full session in the Media Center.