Portland News

July 7, 2017

Friday Bible Teaching

Prelude: Marcus Luka and Henry Parker played a trombone duet of “I’m Feeling Fine.” A children’s choir then sang “Come, Now Is the Time to Worship” and “Awesome God,” with Isaiah Nedelcu as the soloist.

Featured testimonies: Rolland Deler, District Superintendent of Haiti Work, gave an update on the work in Haiti. He said there are now 142 Apostolic Faith churches in Haiti, and the headquarters church that is currently being constructed will be large enough to accommodate combined events. Israel Grajardo Monardes said he was saved, sanctified, and baptized with the Holy Spirit at a young age, and he is thankful to be at Portland camp meeting for his first time. Lucila Concha Martinez testified that she was also saved at a young age, and she is thankful that her first trip out of her country was to visit a camp meeting, where she could serve God. Roxanna Becerra Gonzales said she is thankful that she is saved, sanctified, and filled with the Holy Spirit. Angel Becerra Gonzales said that although he was raised in a Christian home, he chose a sinful lifestyle, but God was merciful and saved him four years ago. Sofia Retamal Concha testified that she was raised in a Christian home, and she yielded her life to God at the age of fourteen. Eladio Vasquez testified that he was saved at a young age, and after coming in contact with the Apostolic Faith at the age of twenty-four, he is thankful that they now have an Apostolic Faith church in Chile.

First special: The group from Chile sang “Prometiste Regresar (You Promised to Return)” in Spanish as they accompanied on their instruments.

Last special: Luke, Amelia, and Lee Arechy sang “Peace in the Valley.”

Bible Teaching: Jack Chasteen, pastor in Chehalis, Washington, read Acts 11:21-26 for his text, and brought out six aspects of “Apostolic Christianity”: Apostolic courage, Apostolic testimony, Apostolic success, Apostolic example, Apostolic prayer, and Apostolic faith.

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