Portland News

January 24, 2020

Friday Evening Bible Study

The tenth session of the “Highlighting Our Heritage” series was given by Ed Habre and focused on “The Call of God.” He opened with a verse taken from the handout, “I know thy works: behold, I have set before thee an open door, and no man can shut it: for thou hast a little strength, and hast kept my word, and hast not denied my name” (Revelation 3:8). Brother Ed explained that initially, God’s call is to receive the transforming experience of salvation. Then, each individual is called to serve, sharing the Good News of salvation.

Using Florence Crawford’s testimony as an example, Brother Ed read from the handout about her call to service and her willingness to answer that call. He clarified that a divine call to service is not a result of a person’s dreams or ambitions, but a desire that God places within. He further explained that although we often equate God’s call with the call to preach, all who are in Christ are called to serve Him in various capacities. God assigns unique tasks and gifts to every individual, so they can work together for His glory. Brother Ed stated that serving God is not about attaining some elevated position, but about fitting into His plan, for His honor and glory.

Brother Ed listed several people from the Bible who were called for various purposes, such as Noah, Abraham, and Saul (Paul), then admitted that this could give the impression that every call comes in a dramatic fashion, to notable people. However, for most, God’s call comes in a very personal and often private encounter. It is a precious thing because it is what God communicates to each of us on a personal level.

Brother Ed went on to describe four steps that often take place when a person receives God’s call for service. First is the revelation, when one gets a clear glimpse of what God is calling him to do. Second comes a phase of realizing one's limitations and learning to depend upon God in humility. The third step is a time of seeking advice from trusted friends or mentors, and the last step is when one has accepted the call and God leads him into service. Brother Ed said that believers will become defined by their faithfulness to what the Lord is doing through them.

After asking, “Who is called?” Brother Ed quickly gave the answer: “All of us!” Referencing 2 Timothy 2:9, he echoed that believers have been saved by grace, and are called for a purpose: to bring glory to God through faithfulness in endeavoring to win souls for Him. Brother Ed encouraged each one to walk worthy of that calling, saying that this will not always be easy, but God will help us. 

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