Portland News

May 11, 2018

Friday Evening Bible Study

Part nine of the Living Holy study series, titled “Holiness in our Wills,” was taught by Linda Spinas. Beginning with the key verse from Romans 12:1-2, she first spoke of how a person surrenders his life to God when receiving salvation. A saved individual realizes the need for the Lord’s help to live the right way and follow His will.

Sister Linda described two types of consecration, or surrendering of the will to God. The first type is outer, temporal consecration, where a person seeks God’s will in choices such as who to marry, where to live, where to work, etc. The second type of consecration is inner consecration, and it relates to an individual's relationship with God. She said that a person who is fully consecrated in this way can learn to know the heart and mind of God through prayer.

Reading Isaiah 55:8, Sister Linda reminded her listeners that God’s ways are higher than man’s. When a person is seeking the will of God, he can rest assured that God knows the end from the beginning. He knows when we’re sitting down and standing up, what we will go through tomorrow and six months from now. She encouraged everyone to take life one day at a time, as God leads, and to trust in Him.

Speaking of the desire to have things one's own way, Sister Linda said that typically, people would like for God to “rubber-stamp” their plans, always answering with a yes. She explained that God has a stamp that says “grace,” and sometimes He uses that stamp instead. She also warned that God only gives grace for present situations; for example, He does not give dying grace when a person is not dying. However, He will give grace that fits the current need.

What are the benefits of living a wholly consecrated life? Sister Linda listed quite a number of them, including: satisfaction, the direction of God in your life, victory over trials, sleep with a clear conscience, an intimate relationship with God, and peace in the midst of storms. She closed by reading from the lesson handout a portion of a sermon by George Hughes. It begins, “Consecration demands our all. A consecration with reservation is no consecration at all. Why not go all out for God today?”

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