Portland News

February 21, 2020

Friday Evening Bible Study

Part 11 of the Highlighting Our Heritage Bible study was held on February 21 and focused on “Examples to Follow.” Cheryl Downey was the presenter and she began by explaining that from the beginning of the Apostolic Faith work, testimonies have always been a central part of the services. The purpose is so people can hear real accounts of God’s power to transform lives, heal, change, and strengthen. Sister Cheryl spoke of the importance of learning from positive role models in the Gospel, and mentioned a number of individuals  (pictured above) who had influenced her own life. She said the focus of this study was not only to think of those who set godly examples, but also to learn how to be an example to others.

The key verse for this session was Psalm 37:37 which reads, “Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright: for the end of that man is peace.” Sister Cheryl encouraged everyone to think of someone who went through difficult circumstances yet kept his or her integrity and trusted God. She encouraged the group to pray to be like that when storms come. Naming several positive Biblical examples, Sister Cheryl concluded the list with Jesus Himself, stating that He is the best example to follow.

The first two chapters of Philippians list several characteristics that make up a good example to follow, which Sister Cheryl rehearsed. She also spoke of ways a person can be an example to others, which included in one’s speech, conduct, ethics, love for others, faith in God, faithfulness to God, and purity.

Sister Cheryl reminded her listeners that everyone is an example. The goal of Christians is to be more Christ-like in their walks with God so others looking on will see Jesus in every area of their lives. She concluded by stating that the ultimate example is when all a person does or says brings glory to the heavenly Father. Everyone then stood to sing “May All Who Come Behind us Find us Faithful,” and after a time of prayer, they were invited to enjoy a time of fellowship and pie.

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