Portland News

June 8, 2018

Friday Evening Serivce

Prelude: Emmaline Worthington and Annika Ewers played an oboe/violin duet of “Just a Closer Walk” and “Onward, Christian Soldiers.”

Featured Testimonies: Julianne Luka told how she had lost an important item that morning, but after she prayed it was found. Caleb Copko stated that he also lost something recently, and it was not found, but he gives God praise anyway and is thankful God is always there. Irina Fedosov said the Lord recently reminded her of an incident in her childhood when the Lord helped her family with a need, and that boosted her faith when she was praying for His guidance in a current situation. Hunter Cripps was thankful for the Lord’s help this week when he was supposed to write a five-page essay on a narrow topic. Susan Anderson shared how her daughter’s car was stolen but God helped her to find it just a few hours later. Marcus Luka gave thanks for God’s help when he didn’t have time to finish an important project and the teacher granted him a few more days.

First Special: The choir (pictured above) sang “In My Heart There Rings a Melody.”

Last Special: Emily Luka sang “He’s Ever Interceding.”

Sermon: Tom Pricskett preached from James 4:13-14, sharing the good news that Jesus came to give abundant life to those who will give their hearts and lives to Him.

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