Portland News

December 11, 2020

Friday Evening Service

Prelude: Jaewon Yune (pictured above) played “Ring the Bells” and “Joy to the World” on the violin.

Testimony: Bonnie Scholz said she is thankful for the Christian home she was raised in. During her high school years, she got involved with the wrong people, but God protected her and talked to her heart. One night she prayed and God made a real change in her . Although she was in a difficult marriage, God helped her raise her children and teach them about God, and gave her a determination to serve Him for the rest of her life.

First Special: Imelda and Maya Nedelcu sang “Mary’s Little Boy Child.”

Testimony: Imelda Nedelcu said she is thankful that God saved her as a young girl and that she can count on Him in the ups and downs of life. She is glad that she can trust and believe that God will answer prayer and provide for her needs in His own time.

Last Special: Maya Nedelcu sang “Heaven’s Child.”

Sermon: Ryan Erdmann read Matthew 6:19-21 for his text, and encouraged the listeners to invest in the things of God which are eternal, rather than the things of the world which are temporal and will ultimately be destroyed.

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