Portland News

July 12, 2019

Friday Evening Service

Prelude: Jane Ewers played a violin solo of “Someone is Praying for You,” “Swing Low,” and “Down By the Riverside.” Following this, a ladies’ sextet (pictured above) sang “Joy Unspeakable.”

Featured Testimonies: Maria Green was thankful that this camp meeting she has seen prayers answered, and she is looking forward to seeing more. Rodica Musgrave expressed gratitude that she had the blessing to pray with her son this camp meeting as he prayed through to salvation. Victor Amusa rejoiced that God healed him from depression recently. Debbie Lee was thankful that when she broke her leg seven years ago, she experienced the love of the family of God in a way she had never experienced it before.

First Special: The choir sang “I’ll Put on a Crown.”

Last Special: Shana Bishop sang “Altar of Grace.”

Sermon: Tim DeBusk, pastor in Chehalis, Washington, used Daniel 6:10 for his text, using the example of Daniel to demonstrate how God blesses those who are faithful to Him.

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