Portland News

January 3, 2020

Friday Evening Service

Prelude: A piano, violin, and cello trio of Inae Park and Jaewon and Sungun Yune (pictured above) played the song “Through the Wilderness.”Then Sungun accompanied on piano as Jaewon played “What a Friend We Have in Jesus” on the violin.

Testimonies: Dale Copko shared that he recently had suffered with kidney issues, but is thankful he could trust the Lord during that difficult time. Merrill Mixer gave praise for forty years of the Lord’s teaching and guidance. Al Smith gave thanks for his wonderful church family and for opportunities to serve God. Inae Park, from Korea, shared that her desire is to be where God sends her and to help those around her who are sick or in need, and she thanked the Portland saints for being so good to her sister, Sungun.

First Special: The choir sang “Shine, Jesus, Shine.”

Last Special: Rosie Lambert sang “This Life.”

Sermon: Steve Mixer’s message was taken from Galatians 3:6-9 and focused on the abundant spiritual blessings that the Lord has bestowed upon His people who walk by faith.

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