Portland News

January 17, 2020

Friday Evening Service

Prelude: A cello ensemble, along with a stringed bass and guitar, played “What a Lovely Name” and “Redeemed.”

Testimonies: Annika Ewers shared that she was rear-ended about one week ago, and she was thankful that although the car was damaged a little, the Lord was with her and she had no injuries. Caleb Copko gave thanks for his Christian heritage and for the opportunity to share the Gospel story at Christmas on the Campground, where some heard the story of Jesus’ birth for the first time. Jennifer Worthington testified that her grandmother was a prayer warrior who would tell her, “God’s Word is alive,” and she is thankful she has been able to experience that truth for herself. Ade Asaya praised God for sparing her daughter’s life last year when she became sick, and they later discovered she had appendicitis.

First Special: The choir sang “Heaven’s Jubilee.”

Last Special: Arthur Ruiz (pictured above) sang “At the Cross (Love Ran Red)” with “There Is Room at the Cross for You.”

Sermon: Ryan Erdmann preached from Luke 15:11-20 and urged his listeners to appreciate and cherish the blessings God has given them, especially the blessing of salvation.

Watch the full service in the Media Center.