Portland News

January 22, 2021

Friday Evening Service

Prelude: Pianist Kristi Riler played “Tell Me the Story of Jesus” and “I Wouldn’t Take Nothing for My Journey Now.”

Testimony: Kathi Cantrell thanked the Lord for her Christian heritage. As a child, she wanted to serve God, but also wanted to fit in with the kids at school. She was miserable until she prayed and surrendered everything to the Lord at the age of seventeen. She said there have been challenges during her walk with God, but He has never let her down. Recently, God has heard the prayers of the church family for her son, and is undertaking. She thanked the Lord for His goodness.

First Special: Joseph and Samuel Asaya (pictured above) sang “He Is Able to Deliver Thee.”

Testimony: Rodger Cantrell said he was not raised in a Christian home and reached adulthood not knowing what love was. He came to the Apostolic Faith church and attended services for years, desiring to be saved, but found it difficult to believe that Jesus loved him. Finally, through a series of surgeries, the Lord was able to get through to him. He prayed and was saved. Now, he says this is not just his wife’s church, but his church too.

Last Special: Sarah Asaya sang “Break Thou the Bread of Life.”

Sermon: Tom Pricskett took his text from Luke 4:16-19, which tells of Jesus preaching in the synagogue. He said Jesus is still here to heal the broken-hearted, set the captive sinner free, and heal individuals both spiritually and physically.

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