Portland News

July 7, 2017

Friday Evening Service

Prelude: The Serenaders played “Charity,” “Jesus Loves Me,” “Power in the Blood,” and “Amazing Grace.” Then Joel McCarville sang “Standing By the River,” with vocal and instrumental backup.

Testimonies: Rob Moen (pictured above) testified that his first landmark in the Gospel was when he was saved at a youth camp, and another recent landmark was when his son prayed in his room and asked Jesus to come into his heart. Heidi Sletmoe said she is thankful for how God has been with her during some recent health problems. Marjorie Reid said she is thankful for her Gospel heritage and a love for the truth, and how the Lord brought her husband through in 2007 when he was diagnosed with stage four cancer. Michael Owolabi testified that God protected his home recently when he left the house and forgot to turn off the burner on the stove. Reginald Segres said that he rejected his Christian upbringing, but God finally got hold of his heart, and he is now serving God as a pastor in Florence, South Carolina. Gigi Ruiz said that her oldest son prayed and got saved this camp meeting, and she is thankful that God gave her the courage to testify about it. Greg Bishop testified that he had the privilege to talk to a co-worker about the miracles in the Bible and how they are true.

First special: The choir sang “The Old Landmark.”

Last special: Imelda Nedelcu, Michael McCarville, and Moriah Copko sang “Nothing but the Blood,” with instrumental accompaniment.

Sermon: Chris Hewlett, District Superintendent of Canada Work and pastor in Roddickton, Newfoundland, took his text from Philippians 4:6-9, and brought out that these verses are God’s formula for attaining peace of mind in a troubled world.

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