Portland News

February 14, 2020

Friday Evening Service

Prelude: Marcus Luka, Henry Parker, and Sam Cantrell played a trombone trio of “We’ve a Story to Tell to the Nations.” The choir followed by singing “Praise Him Medley.”

Baby Dedication: Annika Scarlet Ross, daughter of Troy and Caitlyn, was dedicated (pictured above). Dave Lambert read from Mark 10:13-16, and then Terry Ross, from Medford, Oregon, led the prayer of dedication for his granddaughter.

Featured Testimonies: Anna Ross was thankful that her Aunt Audrey Hinkle brought her to Sunday school as a child and that God mercifully called after her heart and saved her. Rosie Lambert related that years ago, she asked the Lord how someone who was established in the Gospel could subsequently backslide, and the Lord showed her the importance of keeping one’s consecrations up to date. Marcus Luka shared how he had prayed about attending Sacramento special meetings, knowing it would cause him to miss an important music assignment for school that couldn’t be made up. God promised to work out the schoolwork, so he went to Sacramento, and at the end of the term he found out that his participation in music at church would compensate for his missed assignment.

First Special: A young men’s quartet sang “Champion of Love.”

Last Special: Diana Lambert sang “Wash Me, Make Me Clean.”

Sermon: Bob Downey preached from Amos 4:12, where the prophet Amos warned Israel to prepare to meet God, and  said it is because of God’s love and mercy that He sends warnings to people.

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