Portland News

March 6, 2020

Friday Evening Service

Prelude: The brass played “Just a Closer Walk with Thee” and “When We All Get to Heaven Medley.” The choir then sang “Lead On, O King Eternal.”

Featured Testimonies: Kristin Lee was thankful the Lord undertook in a medical situation recently where a surgery was needed but not covered by insurance, but after praying, approval for the surgery was granted. Deborah Brenner shared that lately she had been feeling discontented, but the Lord showed her she was focusing on the wrong things and that she should instead be grateful, and doing so brought her peace. Boniface Osunkwo (pictured above) told how he was condemned as a troublemaker in his youth, but one day hemet some people of God who told him that if he would confess his sins the Lord would save him. When he did that, the Lord made a real change in his life. Paula Jordan remembered the faithfulness of her grandmother to tell her about Jesus, which led her to salvation at the age of sixteen. She expressed her desire to also be faithful and an example and encouragement to her grandchildren. Jordyn Sletmoe was thankful for God’s help in dealing with anxiety, especially the previous night when she didn’t think she would be able to sleep but God gave her peace and rest.

First Special: A ladies’ quartet sang “Not the Same.”

Last Special: Wayne Butler sang “I Can’t Even Walk without You Holding My Hand.”

Sermon: Josephine McElveen, the pastor of our church in Washington, D.C., preached from Jude 1-3, urging Christians to earnestly contend for the faith, take a stand, and fight for the Gospel.

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