Portland News

June 5, 2020

Friday Evening Service

Prelude: Jane Ewers played a violin solo of “Seek Ye First” and “I’ll Be a Sunbeam.”

Scripture Reading: Dave Lambert read Psalm 3:1-8.

Special: Sam Cantrell and Troy Ross sang “Built on Amazing Grace.”

Testimony: Sam Cantrell said he was born into a Christian home and taken to church from his earliest memory, but that did not make him a Christian. Several years ago, he prayed on a Friday night and God saved him. Now he is thankful he can always turn to the Lord in good times and in bad.

Special: Gary Riler and Randy Kaady sang “Abiding Love.”

Sermon: Roth Mom (pictured above) took his text from Psalm 61:2, and said we live in unstable times where many are experiencing heartache and weariness. Those who look to themselves or the world for help will only find temporary relief, but those who look to God will find strength and guidance for today as well as lasting peace for tomorrow.

Special: Ashley Morgan sang “Take the World, but Give Me Jesus.”

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