Portland News

October 27, 2017

Friday Evening Service

Prelude: Andrea Gaston played a cello solo of “Concerto #1 First Movement,” “Great Is the Lord,” and “I Love You, Lord.”

Featured testimonies: Tim Hammer told how God helps him to defeat discouragement by thinking about a favorite camp meeting song, “The Blood-Washed Pilgrim,” as this brings other encouraging thoughts to his mind. Matt Hanson was thankful for the Light that revealed his sin, and that God then mercifully forgave him and gave him power to live without sin. Chet King recalled how he tried his best to change his sinful life without success, but when God saved him, it made a real change that has lasted throughout the years.

First Special: The choir sang “The Blood-Washed Pilgrim.”

Last Special: Jillian Luka sang “I Met the Master.”

Sermon: Dwight Baltzell preached from Luke 7:40, and said God loves mankind and offers salvation to anyone who will receive Him.

Watch the full service in the Media Center.