Portland News

January 29, 2021

Friday Evening Service

Prelude: A three-generation family violin trio of Jane, Brian, and Annika Ewers played  “Find Us Faithful” and “Praise and Adoration Medley.”

Testimony: Delores Mathews told how she was saved as a little girl, but as she got older, she let things slip. Later, as a young mother the Lord helped her to repent and He saved her again. She mentioned that sometimes she has gone through hard times, but the Lord has always been there for her.

First Special: Delores, Brad, and Russell Mathews (pictured above) sang “He’s the Rock of Ages.”

Testimony: Brother Russell was thankful God saved him on July 6, 2005. Due to current restrictions related to the pandemic, he misses singing in the choir, playing in the full orchestra, and seeing everyone, but he is looking forward to Heaven, where there will be no more goodbyes.

Testimony: Brother Brad shared that he was saved at a young age, and he believes that God spared him from a lot of heartache. Since then, he has had a desire in his heart to serve and please the Lord. In spite of what is going on in the world, he has no fear in his heart; he is not worried about tomorrow because he knows the Lord is in control.

Last Special: The Mathews trio sang “Amazing Love.”

Sermon: Bob Downey preached from Matthew 24:7 on the soon coming of Jesus. He described the progression of Noah building the ark and the animals coming in before the flood, and compared it with where the world is today in relation to the Lord’s return – it will be soon! Brother Bob encouraged everyone to be sure they are ready.

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