Portland News

August 7, 2020

Friday Evening Service

Prelude: Ariah Piper played a bassoon solo (pictured above) of “Vivaldi Concerto in D Minor,” 2 movements, and “Great Is the Lord.”

Testimony: Sam Asaya thanked God for saving him a few years ago, saying it was a powerful experience and it helps him today as well. He really enjoys socializing and spending time with his friends, so things have been harder in this pandemic, but he is thankful he can always talk to Jesus in prayer.

Special: Susie, Sam, and Sarah Asaya sang “The Lord’s Prayer.”

Testimony: Emmaline Worthington stated that she was saved and sanctified when she was very young, and God kept her through middle school and high school. She just graduated, and it was an interesting year to graduate, but she is thankful that in these hard times she has God, and that she can give it all to Him and trust Him with anything in her lives.

Special: Sister Emmaline sang “Your Ways Are Higher than Mine.”

Sermon: Chet King preached from Genesis 1:1, urging everyone to make the right choice and live according the instructions given in the Bible.

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