Portland News

September 4, 2020

Friday Evening Service

Prelude: Claire Moberg played “Be Exalted” and “Lord, I Lift Your Name on High” on the clarinet.

Testimony: David Lambert read the testimony of Mildred Frank from the Gospel Pioneer series, Volume 4. She was saved as a teenager but after she married, she and her husband eventually stopped coming to church. For twenty years, they participated in the things of the world, but on March 21, 1976, they knelt together at church and gave their hearts to God. From then on, they loved being in church services and serving God with all their hearts.

First special: Shelby Warburg and Kristin and Savannah Lee (pictured above) sang “I’ve Never Been this Homesick Before.”

Testimony: Kristin Lee said she is thankful she was raised in a Christian home, and that she was saved as a young girl following a children’s meeting. With her dad’s recent passing, she feels like Heaven is even more precious.

Last special: Savannah Lee sang “People Need the Lord.”

Sermon: John Musgrave read 1 Kings 18:30 for his text, and encouraged everyone to do like Elijah did, and make sure they follow God’s requirements and have their lives in order so they can receive an answer from God.

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