Portland News

February 9, 2018

Friday Evening Service

Prelude: Shyla Piper (pictured above) played “Deep River” and “I’ve Got Peace Like a River” on the clarinet. Ashley, Ellen, and Caitlyn Morgan then sang “Go Ask.”

Featured Testimonies: The Rael family, visiting from Los Angeles, opened the testimony service. Julia Rael shared how the Lord saved her when she was only four years old, and made a difference in her heart that has lasted. Natalie Rael said she is thankful God cares about people in a backslidden condition, and that He saved her at the age of twelve, and also sanctified and baptized her. Jon Rael gave thanks for God’s mercy, saying after he was saved in 1987 he became complacent, but God used a recurring dream to get his attention and cause him to pray through to salvation once again. Roxie Rael remembered making some wrong choices while in college, including the choice to sin, but she is thankful God continued to talk to her heart and ten years later when she surrendered to Him, He saved her. Chris Luka told how the Lord talked to him as a young man while he was fishing, and asked him, “When will you give Me your heart?” A short time later he did just that, and the Lord saved him.

First Special: The choir sang “’Tis Burning in My Soul.”

Last Special: Kylie Lucescu sang “Whatever it Takes.”

Sermon: John Musgrave preached from Mark 12:13-17, and reminded his listeners that just as a coin with Caesar’s image belonged to Caesar, every person is stamped with God's image and we belong to Him. 

Watch the full service in the Media Center.