Portland News

February 23, 2018

Friday Evening Service

Prelude: Josh Friesen (pictured above) played a trumpet solo called “Hummel Trumpet Concerto.”

Featured Testimonies: Debbie Lee shared that although she has been sewing for years, recently she had to keep going back to the instructions to figure something out, and she compared this with coming to church often, where she continues to learn and be encouraged. Julianne Luka testified that while texting with a friend the other day she was able to tell them she wouldn’t do something, not because her parents are strict but because she has decided for herself to obey the Lord. Emily Hoskin was thankful for God’s help the last few weeks since her son was born with a cleft palate, and said the Lord has been with them through it all. Larry Montgomery told how he didn’t want to be a Christian when he was young because he thought the fun would be over, but since the Lord saved him at the age of twenty-seven, he has had more fun than he ever had before he was saved. Victoria Worthington remembered when the fire fell and the Lord sanctified her as a young girl at camp meeting, and how later when the devil caused her to question whether she had received that experience, the Lord put a definite assurance in her heart that she has it.

First Special: The choir sang “How the Fire Fell.”

Last Special: Jillian Luka sang “I Am Not Ashamed.”

Sermon: Bob Downey preached from Exodus 14:13-16, saying that the Bible is a Christian’s instruction manual, the road map to Heaven.

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