Portland News

October 2, 2020

Friday Evening Service

Prelude: Kristi Riler played a flute solo including “Come, Thou Fount of Every Blessing,” and “When We All Get to Heaven.”

Testimony: Jessica Oilar testified that she was saved at nine years of age. In high school, the Lord began calling her to make a full commitment to Him, which she did, and she knows that decision anchored her in the Gospel and gave her a foundation that has kept her through difficult times and the challenges of parenting four children.

First Special: A three-generation Barrett family quartet (pictured above) sang “Trust and Obey.”

Testimony: Rich Barrett told how God spared his life when he was only one year old and wandered onto train tracks as a train was approaching. Miraculously, he was not harmed, though the train engineer said there was no way he could have avoided hitting the child. Years later, God was also there to help him through the tragedy of his sister drowning in the ocean. Through those events, God revealed His love, and during a camp meeting when he was still young, he prayed through to salvation.

Last Special: Angela Lucescu sang “Speak, O Lord.”

Sermon: Roth Mom preached from Isaiah 40:31, speaking of the hardships Joseph faced and how he still prospered because he trusted in God and did what was right. Brother Roth said Jesus will be a Source of strength and help in every way for those who trust in Him.

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