Portland News

April 6, 2018

Friday Evening Service

Prelude: Katia Fedosov played “Allegro from Sonata in E Minor” on the cello.

Testimonies: Terry Ross (pictured above) testified that he disliked going to church when he was young, but when he was saved at the age of fourteen, God became his best Friend and Helper. Kathy Owen said she is thankful for the privileges she has had in the Gospel, including working in the headquarters office and playing her violin in the church orchestra. Anna Ross testified that she is thankful for an aunt who brought her and a number of her cousins to Sunday school when she was young, and that God has helped her grow in the Gospel since she was saved. Rodica Musgrave said that she came to America from Romania over thirty-five years ago, and God has blessed her with a Christian husband and three children.

First special: The choir sang “Victory Ahead.”

Last special: Imelda and Maya Nedelcu sang “Refiner’s Fire.”

Sermon: Randy Baltzell took his text from John 1:12-13, bringing out that the Gospel has the power to satisfy every need. He encouraged the congregation to believe and let God work in their lives.

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