Portland News

February 5, 2021

Friday Evening Service

Prelude: Henry Parker (pictured above) played “Amazing Grace” and “Holy, Holy, Holy” on the trombone.

Testimony: Lee Voreis said he is thankful for the past sixty years of victory since Jesus saved him at the age of fifteen. God kept him for three years in the military, and then led him to the right job in the sheet metal trade. He has found God to be faithful in his life, including when his daughter passed away recently, and he is thankful for all the prayers and support from the church family during this difficult time.

Special: Kristofer and Natalie Tonning sang “I Found Happiness.”

Testimony: Kristofer said he was raised in a Christian home, and it became clear to him early in life that choosing to serve God was far superior to the alternative. He was saved in his early twenties and moved from Norway to America to attend college. God blessed him with a Christian wife and two children, and gave him a good job. He is thankful for how God has taken care of him and his family.

Special: Natalie Tonning sang “Amazing Love.”

Sermon: Erik Calhoun read Deuteronomy 10:12-13 for his text, bringing out that Moses was reminding a new generation of Israelites that the God of their fathers was also their God, and they needed to look to Him and obey His commandments. Brother Erik said that He is also our God today, and encouraged the audience to walk in all of God’s ways and serve Him with all of their hearts.

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