Portland News

October 30, 2020

Friday Evening Service

Prelude: Henry Parker played “Softly and Tenderly” and “How Firm a Foundation” on the trombone.

Testimony: Rita Cook (pictured above) shared that she was saved as a child, and later sanctified and then baptized with the Holy Ghost. Now she is thankful she can serve the Lord with her husband, Jeremy, and raise their children in the Gospel and teach them about the hope of Heaven.

First Special: Joseph and Sam Asaya sang “Invisible Hands.”

Testimony: Dale Copko told of a time years ago when he was carrying a long piece of gutter with another worker, and it hit a 7200-Volt wire, blowing out a transformer. It could have killed both of them, but the Lord protected them and they were unharmed.

Last Special: Arthur Ruiz sang “He Bought My Soul at Calvary.”

Sermon: Dwight Baltzell preached from Matthew 22:34-40. He focused on the importance of loving God with all one’s heart, saying that if a person does that, everything else will fall into place as it should.

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