Portland News

May 25, 2018

Friday Evening Service

Prelude: Ariah Piper played “Marche Slave” and “The Fly,” on the piano, followed by her sister, Ilanya, playing “Snakecharmer” on the piano. Then Ilanya sang “Trust in You” as Ariah accompanied her.

Testimonies: Cliff Paulsen testified that over fifty years ago, he experienced a real hunger for the baptism of the Holy Spirit, and God helped him to earnestly seek until he received. Cindie Baltzell expressed her gratitude for the prayers and support her family received during the recent loss of her grandson. Chet King said that he recently toured an old Navy ship, and it brought back memories of a time when he was very sick while stationed on a similar ship, and he realized he was not ready to die. Shortly after he was released from the Navy, he was invited to church and gave his life to God. Troy Ross testified that God saved him during camp meeting in 2005, and last year at camp meeting, he received his sanctification after he prayed and asked God to give him a hunger for it.

First Special: The choir sang “The Old-Fashioned Way.”

Last Special: Katia Fedosov sang “Go Light Your Candle.”

Sermon: Randy Baltzell (pictured above) took his text from Hosea 10:12-13, bringing out that it is one thing to prepare, but another thing to stay prepared, and he encouraged his listeners to seek for a hunger and stay focused until they receive what they need from God.

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