Portland News

August 24, 2018

Friday Evening Service

Prelude: Emily Thompson played “Für Elise” on the piano. Kerby and Shannon Thompson followed, singing “Thank God, I Am Free.”

Featured Testimonies: Julianne Luka (pictured above) told how she had to choose between two classes that she had previously felt were both extremely important, but the Lord helped her know which one to choose and she has peace about it. Dick Mixer was thankful he had the opportunity to go to Midwest camp this year, and had a wonderful time there. Chet King declared that this year was his fiftieth camp meeting, and he wouldn’t have missed it for anything; it’s been a wonderful fifty years since he was saved. Dixie Bowlsby shared that last January she had a stroke, which disfigured her face a bit, but when she went back to the doctor God had touched her and her face was fine.

First Special: The choir sang “’Tis Burning in My Soul.”

Last Special: Sabrina Talley sang “I Will Rise.”

Sermon: Bob Downey preached from 1 Samuel 16:11, and assured his listeners that God sees their hearts, knows their desires, and each individual is important to Him.

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