Portland News

August 31, 2018

Friday Evening Service

Prelude: Carter Luka played “Sonata” by Gilliard on the bassoon. Julianne Luka then played “Clementi Sonatina #4, Movements 1 & 2” on the piano.

Featured Testimonies: Emily Luka spoke of her appreciation for God’s love and how He mended the broken mess in her heart when He saved her, filling her heart with love, joy, and peace that has lasted. Nolan Roby told how the Lord saved him in 1953 and he has enjoyed the Gospel through every stage of life. Ade Asaya was thankful God has been keeping her safe while driving to and from work, even when she is tired. Tim Hammer shared how the Lord has been helping him learn how to pray more at home, in spite of distractions, and it has been making a real difference in his spiritual walk.

First Special: The choir sang “Isn’t the Love of Jesus Something Wonderful?”

Last Special: Arthur Ruiz sang “It Was for You.”

Sermon: Using Psalm 119:71 for his text, Dayle Lee spoke of trials and afflictions and the importance of putting one’s trust in God during these difficult times.

Watch the full service in the Media Center.