Portland News

August 30, 2019

Friday Evening Service

Prelude: Claire Moberg and Ariah Piper (pictured above) played a clarinet and bassoon duet of “Alleluia,” and “Just a Closer Walk.”

Featured Testimonies: Yuvi Sierra Chavez rejoiced that today marks one year since he was saved. He said that while a lot of good things have happened since then, some hard things have happened as well, but God has been with him through everything. Faye Veenhuizen was thankful that God is always there for her and gives victory. Dick Mixer said he was not raised in a Christian family, but is thankful a young lady invited him to church where he heard that you can be saved and forgiven of sin.

First Special: The choir sang “Living on the Hallelujah Side.”

Last Special: Butch Carey sang “In Times Like These.”

Sermon: Gary Riler used Judges 2:1-4 for his text, encouraging his listeners to always do what the Lord asks of them.

Watch the full service in the Media Center.