Portland News

March 29, 2019

Friday Evening Service

Prelude: Ariah Piper played a bassoon solo called “Four Sketches.” Following this, Ilanya Piper sang “You Say.”

Featured Testimonies: Chris Oilar testified that he was not raised in a Christian home but was invited to Sunday school as a teenager, and at the age of nineteen the Lord saved him. Roberta Parker told how she was saved at age five but didn’t keep it, so when she was eleven years old, after feeling much conviction, she prayed beside her bed and the Lord saved her again and has kept her all these years. Rita Cook was thankful for how the Lord is always right there to help her, and said these last three weeks He has really shown Himself so real, protecting her family and answering prayers. Jodie Hinkle shared how the church literature has been a help to her family and herself over the years. For example, when she was confused about whether a person can live without sin, she read an article that explained the difference between temptation and sin.

First Special: The choir sang “We Shall Rise.”

Last Special: Emily Luka sang “To Calvary I Must Go” with “Burdens Are Lifted at Calvary.”

Sermon: Chet King read Daniel 5:27, using the example of Belshazzar who was weighed on God’s balances and found wanting, and urged his listeners to check themselves spiritually.

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