Portland News

May 3, 2019

Friday Evening Service

Prelude: Ella Tonning played a harp solo called “Moonlight.” Mattias Tonning (pictured above) then sang “Confidence.”

Featured Testimonies: Emily Luka said not only was she saved on a Friday night, but it was fifty years ago to the day, and her salvation is as fresh now as it was then. Erika Stewart told how she was saved on the last Friday night of camp meeting when she was thirteen years old. Phyllis Waddell was thankful the Lord saved her on the first day of camp meeting when she was sixteen years old, in the morning service, and she was sanctified in the afternoon service. Earl Phillips described how the Lord changed his life when he got saved, which included wanting to be in church for every service, and becoming friends with the young people of the church that he had avoided before.

First Special: The choir sang “Just a Little While.”

Last Special: Shelby Warberg sang “He Will Carry You.”

Sermon: Erik Calhoun preached from 2 Samuel 7:16, speaking of the soon coming of the King, Jesus Christ, and urging everyone to be ready for that great day.

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