Portland News

May 24, 2019

Friday Evening Service

Prelude: Rosie Lambert played “Day by Day” on the piano. Troy Ross and Sam Cantrell followed by singing “Jesus Is Coming Soon.”

Featured Testimonies: The Mixer family from Woodlake, California, testified: Jodi told how thankful she is for her Christian heritage, that the Lord saved her, and that she can depend upon Him every day. Pete said that he too was raised in a Christian home and was saved while in college, and gave thanks for God’s protection in their busy lives. Sierra had thought she had a boring testimony because she was saved at the young age of ten, but has learned that to be saved while young and escape the problems sin brings is the best testimony. Ade Asaya praised the Lord for protecting her as she drove home while feeling very tired. Sandy Cripps gave thanks for her Christian experiences and for God’s comfort during the winter months while experiencing health problems. Shannon Gonzalez was thankful she could witness to her grieving neighbor about how she lost her mother at age fourteen and had little time to grieve, but God brought comfort through her church family. Annika Ewers gave thanks that God always helps her when the enemy attacks, and for encouragement and prayers from her friends.

First Special: The choir sang “He Is to Me (Medley)” including “The Lily of the Valley” and “Jesus Is All the World to Me.”

Last Special: Azariah Charles sang “Make My Life a Prayer to You.”

Sermon: Ryan Erdmann used Matthew 4:18-22 to preach about how people can have confidence that God will answer their prayer if they will pray according to His will, and also said it is important to answer God when He calls.

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