Portland News

March 19, 2021

Friday Evening Service

Prelude: Hannah Cook (pictured above) played a flute solo of “Sicilienne” and “Come, Christians, Join to Sing.”

Testimony: Shirley Johnson shared how the Lord saved her soon after she graduated from high school. About four years later she married, and eventually her husband, Bud, was called to preach, and later to be a pastor. They pastored in various cities, and then moved back to Portland to retire when Brother Bud’s health declined. The Lord was with them as he lived with Parkinson’s, and was a comfort to them when their granddaughter, a firefighter, was tragically killed. She is thankful that now as a widow God provides her every need.

First Special: Kathy and Sam Cantrell sang “Sweeter as the Days Go By.”

Testimony: Duane Wilson told how he was not raised in a Christian home and struggled as a child to do the right thing, eventually ending up involved in drugs and alcohol. One day he found out that a blind man was seeking someone to drive him to church, so Brother Duane took him and attended with him. In the service the preacher asked, “Who are you serving?” Brother Duane knew he was not serving God, so he went to the altar and cried out, “God, do something for me!” God made a wonderful change in his heart, and put his life back together.

Last Special: Gary Wolfe sang “How about Your Heart?”

Sermon: Ryan Erdmann preached from Luke 12:13-21, warning against the attitude of the rich fool who regarded his material things too highly. Instead, Christians need to remember the blessings God has granted, and be thankful.

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