Portland News

September 27, 2019

Friday Evening Service

Prelude: A cello trio of Sungun Yune, Diana Lambert, and Katia Fedosov performed two songs, “O, How I Love Jesus,” and “Grace Greater than Our Sin.”

Testimonies: Al Smith gave praise for the many privileges he has had over the years serving the Lord. Ade Asaya thanked the Lord for finding her, saving her, and giving her all she has wanted or needed. Bonnie Davis praised God that although she suffered with high blood pressure back in March, which caused nerve problems and a diseased liver, the Lord touched her and recent tests show everything is normal.

First Special: The choir sang “Above All Else, the World Needs Jesus.”

Last Special: Holly Lambert sang “Is it Any Wonder that They Call it Amazing Grace?”

Sermon: Taking his text from John 11:32-36, Dwight Baltzell spoke about Christ’s deep love for mankind.

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