Portland News

March 26, 2021

Friday Evening Service

Prelude: Claire Moberg played “Sonata (Saint Saens)” and “Do You Know My Jesus?” on the clarinet.

Testimony: Kaye Montgomery testified that when she was a young mother, unhappy in life and marriage, she and her husband attended an Apostolic Faith service where she went to the altar and God washed away her sins. He gave her the happiness she longed for, and healed her marriage, which has now lasted fifty-three years.

First Special: Deborah Brenner and Kailyn McKay (pictured above) sang “Draw Me Nearer.”

Testimony: Jim Lambert thanked God for bringing him through a recent battle with COVID. He said that during a time when he was too sick to think or pray, he relied on the prayers of the saints and could feel the presence of the Lord. Though he has not fully recovered his strength, he rejoices knowing God is still in control.

Last Special: Sister Deborah sang “Let the Words of My Mouth.”

Sermon: Roth Mom took his text from Deuteronomy 14:2, and said each person is special to God, and He wants to have a relationship with each one. He continually calls after hearts, and the only qualification He is looking for is willingness.

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