Portland News

September 20, 2019

Friday Evening Youth Focus

After taking a few months off for summer break, Youth Focus resumed on September 20. As usual, the meeting began with a meal, this time consisting of lasagna, breadsticks (cheesy and non-cheesy), and salad, with frosted pumpkin bars for dessert. Following dinner, everyone gather for a time of singing several worship songs, including “How Great Is Our God” and “Open the Eyes of My Heart.” After this, prayer requests were taken and then Victoria Heintz led the group in prayer.

The study portion was led by Erik Calhoun, and the topic for the evening was personal Bible study. He started by asking the group how much time they spend on their phones, using social media, or watching television programs. He shared statistics that say the average family in the United States spends three hours daily on social media, and a combined eight hours watching television! Brother Erik then encouraged everyone to consider how much time they spend studying God’s Word, and to reflect on what that might indicate about their priorities. He reminded the group that there is no relationship more satisfying than a relationship with God, and that the Bible is more interesting and thrilling than any movie or television show could be.

The rest of the session centered on strategies for studying God’s Word. A few people shared their personal strategies: one said he is on a reading plan with several friends and they discuss Scripture together; a girl shared that she likes to read a Bible commentary to help understand the Scriptural context; another said he works on the upcoming Sunday school lesson throughout the week, answering one of the lesson questions per day. Brother Erik then shared more tips: the e-Sword app is an incredible resource that helps readers understand the meaning Scripture in its original language; audio Bibles can be helpful to auditory learners; and the church provides a daily devotional online and through the church app. He said the Bible has everything a person needs and it’s worth investing time in.