Portland News

May 11, 2018

Friday Evening Youth Focus

The May youth focus began with a delicious burrito bar for dinner and ice cream with homemade fudge sauce for dessert. Once everyone had finished their meal, the group moved to a seating area and split into two teams for a game of charades (pictured above). The teams sent representatives to silently act out Bible characters such as Queen Esther, Daniel, and Moses, while the rest of the team guessed who was being portrayed. The first team to finish all five declared the winner, with the prize being the pride of accomplishment.

The study topic for the evening was a continuation of the previous youth focus in which the topic discussed was “revival.” Ryan Erdman led the teaching, beginning with a discussion of the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the power for service. He read Joel 2:28-29, where the infilling of the Holy Spirit was prophesied, and Acts 2:1-4, where the prophecy was first fulfilled. It was brought out that the baptism is promised to all, but there is a need to first be saved and sanctified, and then to walk in obedience to God and seek for the infilling of the Holy Spirit in prayer until it is received. It is critical to receive this experience because the Holy Spirit will embolden believers, guide them into all truth, and bring all things to their remembrance.

Brother Ryan closed by relating his own experience of seeking and receiving the baptism of the Holy Ghost. He said once he became earnest about it, it only took about one week. That week he found himself so hungry to receive what God had for him that he skipped meals to pray, made deep consecrations, and obeyed whatever God told him to do, whether it seemed big or small. He encouraged the young people that the experience will be unique in each person’s life, but God certainly will fulfill His promise to all who yield their lives completely to Him. The evening ended with a time of prayer.