Portland News

August 25, 2017

Friday Evening Youth Focus

After taking a break from Youth Focus events during June and July, the young people met again on August 25 for an evening of fellowship and study. They began with a meal at 7:00 p.m.—sandwiches, potato salad, and watermelon for dinner, and ice cream sandwiches for dessert. Around 7:45 a time of singing and worship began, and the group sang several songs. Then Erik Calhoun asked if anyone had prayer requests and led everyone in prayer.

The topic for study was the origin of life. The young people watched a video produced by the Answers in Genesis organization in which Bible scholar Ken Ham taught why Christians can and should believe the Biblical account of creation. He first explained that no one could ever completely prove what happened when the universe first began because no one was there. All one can do is look at the evidence available today and infer what seems to have happened. He also pointed out four fundamental flaws in the scientific support for any theory about the origin of life. For example, the details of unique events in the past, such as the conversion of non-living matter to living matter, cannot be tested and therefore cannot be proven. After sharing many more examples, the teacher concluded that it is not possible to scientifically prove anything about the ancient past; it will require faith to believe in the Big Bang as well as Creation. However, he added that scientific observations are helpful for refuting or confirming theories and that much of observed science confirms the Biblical accounts. No doubt, more on that topic will be explained in a future video lesson.

With school starting very soon, the science-themed lesson seemed quite timely. Hopefully the points brought up in the video will help the young people better analyze the theories they will be taught in the coming school year. The evening ended with a time of prayer.