Portland News

November 10, 2017

Friday Evening Youth Focus

The November youth focus session was held on November 10, beginning with a meal of salads and hot ham and cheese sandwiches, and concluding with molten lava chocolate cake. Following this, the young people participated in a repeat of last month’s popular Bible trivia game. This time the teams were strictly geographical—the left side of the room versus the right side. One question was, “Who preached and three thousand were saved?” Some of the more challenging questions required contestants to identify a book of the Bible based on the first words of its first verse. The point system for answering correctly was creative, and in the end, the teams settled with a tie.

After singing a few worship songs, Erik Calhoun asked special prayer for our Roseburg church who tragically lost three members of their church family a few days prior. Brother Erik reminded the young people that although we cannot grasp or make sense of what happened, we can trust God and look to Him for help in every situation.

Rather than focusing on a single topic, the study portion of the evening was used to discuss questions that had been previously submitted by some of the young people. The first question was “What are the steps to revival?” and Brother Erik explained that revival comes from God, not from us. He also said that revival cannot happen on a mass scale unless it is also taking place on an individual level. Our part is to seek God in fervent prayer, removing obstacles such as pride and busyness. He said it takes brutal honesty with God and setting priorities in order.

Another question asked “How come it is so hard to forgive sometimes?” and another was, “How do you receive the Holy Spirit?” With time running short, Brother Erik said there is no way to fully address these questions, and ultimately there is no formula that will bring revival, or forgiveness, or the baptism of the Holy Ghost. Each of these situations requires divine intervention, and we must seek God until He shows us how to do it. He reminded everyone that God does not require anything of us without also helping us to do it, and the evening closed with a time of prayer.