Portland News

September 6, 2019

Friday Evening Youth Service

Prelude: The youth orchestra played “I Will Call Upon the Lord.” The choir then sang “Loud Enough to Wake the Dead.”

Featured Testimonies: Julianne Luka shared how the Lord called some consecrations out of her life this year, and when she finally gave them to Him, she felt Him in her life like never before. Riley Friesen (pictured above) told how he had been busy and began to miss spending time with Christian friends, and when he prayed about it, God brought Christian friends back into his life. Savannah Lee was thankful that God helped her when she was recently hit by a bicyclist, just days before leaving on a trip, and God took away the pain.

First Special: A young ladies’ group sang “Nobody.”

Last Special: A mixed quartet sang “Beulah Land.”

Sermon: Greg Bishop, from Chehalis, Washington, preached using Matthew 19:16-22 for his text, and asked the young people, “What is eternal life worth to you?” He assured them that the eternal reward for serving Jesus will eclipse anything else they could have in this life.

Watch the full service in the Media Center.