Portland News

October 5, 2018

Friday Evening Youth Service

Prelude: The young people’s orchestra played “Do Lord” and “Deep and Wide.” The choir then sang “I Can Call Upon Jesus.”

Featured Testimonies: Catey Hinkle appreciated God’s guidance when she was choosing her courses in high school and college, because she has been able to use the subjects she studied in the Lord’s work. Mackenzie Ewers was thankful the Lord blessed her at the Sacramento special meetings recently. Carter Luka was thankful God saved him on April 7 of last year, and sanctified him this year at camp meeting. Mikayla Worthington shared that in the past, choosing the wrong friends had a negative impact on her spiritually and she backslid, but after she was saved again, the Lord helped her to make better choices in friendships. Victoria Heintz said she has had many decisions to make in the past few years, including marriage and a career, and she is thankful the Lord has guided her.

First Special: Maya Nedelcu, Emmaline Worthington, and Annika Ewers sang “He Is Exalted.”

Last Special: Angela Lucescu sang “Once and for All.”

Sermon: Erik Calhoun used Acts 11:21-23 for his text, and instructed the young people that purposing to receive from the Lord will require that they prepare their hearts, pray, persist, and praise the Name of the Lord.

Watch the full service in the Media Center.