Portland News

February 28, 2020

Friday Evening Youth Service

Prelude: The orchestra played “Amazing Grace (My Chains are Gone)” and “Revive Us Again.” Then the choir sang “To the King Medley.”

Featured Testimonies: Marcus Luka (pictured above) said that when he was recently troubled by a teacher promoting ungodly ideas, he prayed about the situation, and shortly afterward a supervisor observed the class and reprimanded the teacher. Joel Andersen told how he was blessed to visit some of our churches in India, and saw God working among the saints there. McKenzie Sletmoe shared that recently at Medford special meetings, she was struggling to consecrate something to God, but her mom prayed with her and the Lord came down in a wonderful way and helped her give it to Him.

First Special: A male quartet sang “Dig a Little Deeper.”

Last Special: The choir sang “I Bless Your Name,” with Diana Lambert as soloist.

Sermon: Alex Wilson, from Seattle, Washington, preached from Zechariah 4:6, reminding the youth that the way to achieve real success in any aspect of life is not by one’s own strength or talents, but only through God’s Spirit.

Watch the full service in the Media Center.