Portland News

April 7, 2017

Friday Evening Youth Service

Prelude: The youth orchestra played “Glorify Thy Name” and “Hallelujah (Your Love Is Amazing).” The choir then sang “Are You Dressed for the Wedding?”

Featured Testimonies: Iudita Trotter said in June it will be one year since her mom passed away, which reminds her of the importance of being ready for Heaven. Emmaline Worthington was thankful she can shine her light at high school. Hunter Cripps mentioned that sometimes he stresses out when he tries to take care of things on his own, but when he gives it to the Lord things go so much easier. Maya Nedelcu spoke of being afraid during a lightning storm but her little sister reminded her in childlike faith that God would take care of them.

First Special: Emmaline Worthington and Mackenzie Ewers sang “We Fall Down.”

Last Special: Julianne Luka sang “Power to Redeem.”

Sermon: Ryan Trotter from Chehalis, Washington, preached from Genesis 3:1-9, urging the young people to make sure of their standing before God, and to let Him give them victory.

Watch the full service in the Media Center.