Portland News

September 8, 2017

Friday Evening Youth Service

Prelude: A brass ensemble played “Glorify Thy Name” and “Brighten the Corner Where You Are.” Then the choir sang “When the Praises Go Up, the Glory Comes Down,” featuring soloist Victoria Worthington.

Featured Testimonies: Shannon Gonzalez testified that she had asked God to help her find a job, yet wishing she would not miss camp meeting, and He answered her prayer and she was offered a job that started the day after camp meeting ended. Victoria Worthington said her commute to work recently became longer, but the Lord turned an inconvenience into a blessing when she found that it is a great time to pray. Maya Nedelcu (pictured above) praised God for His protection during a recent fire that burned her family’s house down. Moriah Copko said she is thankful for a new job with better hours which will allow her to attend more church services. Cheyenna Hall thanked God for saving her, sanctifying her, and at this past Portland camp meeting, baptizing her with the Holy Ghost.

First Special: A ladies’ trio of Moriah Copko and Ashley and Caitlyn Morgan sang “Heaven Is Counting on You.”

Last Special: Shelby Warberg sang “He Will Carry You.”

Sermon: Clark Wolfe took his text from John 11:1-4, which speaks of Jesus raising Lazarus from the dead, and said people can learn from this account that Jesus is never late, He cares about everyone, and when one looks to Him, there is always hope.

Watch the Full service in the Media Center.