Portland News

July 12, 2019

Friday Morning Bible Teaching

Prelude: Timothy Dotun (pictured above) played “Concerto No. 2, Third Movement” and “O My Soul, Bless Thou Jehovah” on the flute, followed by a vocal ensemble from Australia singing “O the Blood of Jesus” with “There is Power in the Blood.”

Featured testimonies: Laura Pichardo said she is thankful to be at Portland camp meeting for the first time, and that God saved her soul fifty-two years ago. Lucinda Hersisia testified that she and her husband were denied a visa many times to come to Portland camp meeting; however, God worked it out for her to come this year, and she is thankful for how God has been with her since she lost her husband last year. Rebecca Luka said she was feeling stressed about going to high school, but she prayed and God helped her feel at peace about it. Owen Richard Owen testified that after he began attending the Apostolic Faith Church as a young boy, his dad made him leave their home, but over the years, God took care of him and provided for his education. Boniface Osunkwo said that it was a blessing to meet the group from Australia, and he found reassurance in the fact that the city in Australia where his daughter is moving is where an Apostolic Faith Church is located. Seun Ogunleye said that a year ago God led him and his family to move from the United Kingdom to Norway, and he is thankful for how God has been there to help with the transition. Lorina Wilson said she is thankful for the webcast of our church services, and that after the Bible teaching on holy living, she prayed at home and received her sanctification. Rophiwa Gona testified that she experienced a health issue before coming to camp meeting, but she decided to come anyway and God healed her from the pain.

First special: A mother and daughter group sang “Nothing’s Too Big for My God.”

Last special: Victor Idowu sang “Do You Know My Jesus?” with “Does Jesus Care?”

Bible teaching: Bill McKibben, the pastor in Seattle, Washington, read Matthew 28:16-20 for his text, bringing out that Christians are commissioned to share the Gospel with others, and be a reflection of Jesus wherever they are.

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