Portland News

April 14, 2017

Good Friday Service

The Good Friday service featured special music selections to honor and remember Christ’s death that purchased our atonement. The orchestra began with “How Deep the Father’s Love for Us” and “Lamb of Glory,” which was followed by a men’s trio singing “There Is a Fountain.” The congregation participated as well, singing, “I Believe in a Hill Called Mt. Calvary” and “O How He Loves You and Me.”

For the first special, the choir and orchestra performed “O Gethsemane” (pictured above), a song from the upcoming Easter program. During the song, John Musgrave read the account of Jesus praying in the Garden from Luke 22:39-44, and the words of the song asked the question, “O Gethsemane, has there ever been a greater love outpoured than when the blessed Savior prayed, ‘Father not my will, but Yours.’?” After that song, there was time for two testimonies. Sylvia Phillips told how the Lord made a beautiful change in her life when He saved her at age fifteen and Al Smith thanked God for His wonderful love. He said it seemed that the Heavens opened when God set him free from sin, and recounted that his first Easter as a Christian was especially blessed.

The choir sang “Unspeakable” with orchestra accompaniment before Trent Paulsen brought the message from Luke 23:32-43, which tells of Christ’s suffering and death on the Cross. He reminded the congregation that the events being commemorated over Easter weekend are not just special, but they are in fact the most important events that have ever happened in the history of the world. He went on to explain that Jesus’ death and resurrection show us that God loves each person individually, that redemption is available to all, and that there is hope for everyone to make Heaven. He encouraged everyone to ensure that the Cross is not just the most important event for all of mankind, but the most important thing in their personal lives as well.