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March 1, 2019

March Meetings Youth Weekend

The special week of March Meetings opened with a weekend of youth activities. On Saturday, the morning started with a hearty meal in the Fellowship Lodge of a breakfast casserole and orange rolls in the Fellowship Lodge, followed by a time of singing to help wake everyone up! Next, the young people were split into two large groups to compete in a Bible Bowl on the Book of 1 Timothy. Three representatives from each team came forward and were challenged to answer a trivia questions about 1 Timothy. Questions were posed to one team, and if they could not answer correctly, the other team had a chance to steal the point. Once each team had been asked a question, three new representatives came forward from each team, giving everyone a chance to participate.

Typical questions included, “What two Old Testament names are mentioned in 1 Timothy 2:13?” and, “Where did Paul encourage people to pray?” The battle of the minds lasted for a couple hours, including a song-filled intermission to prevent Bible Bowl burnout. In the end, the score was perfectly even, and so a tie-breaker question was presented: “What is the last word of 1 Timothy?” After one of the teams answered correctly, it was pointed out that the question had already been asked and so a second tie-breaker question was asked: “Where was the Book of 1 Timothy written?” The teams thought long and hard and guessed, “Jerusalem?” No. “Rome?” No. In fact, no one knew the answer and the game ended dramatically in a tie. Further investigation revealed that the location of the writing of 1 Timothy is not known for sure, and it could have been Rome. So in a sense, one team was possibly the winner. In another sense, everyone won because they all left with more Bible knowledge than they had before.

Lunch included burgers, chips, and potato salad, which was followed by free time. The campground activity center was transformed into a laser tag arena where groups of eighteen at a time could compete, and another area was available for board games. Some just visited in the Fellowship Lodge or outside, and others left the grounds to see parts of the City of Portland.

At 6:00 p.m., everyone returned for another great meal—brisket with mac and cheese and marionberry cobbler for dessert. This was followed by a youth rally, which began with singing some favorite youth camp songs and then a time for testimonies. Several shared of how God saved them, some who were born in Christian homes and some not, some who had gone deep into sin and some who had not. It was clear that God can give victory to everyone in every situation!

The lesson for the evening was titled “A Soldier, an Athlete, and a Farmer: A Study of Paul’s Second Epistle to Timothy,” and it began with a video showing numerous people who traded valuable items, such as their time, money, or comfort, in order to share the love of Christ with others, which is of eternal value. At the end of the video, the question was asked, “What would you trade for God’s best?” Brother Peter related that the Book of 2 Timothy was perhaps the last words Paul wrote Timothy before he died, and it appears that he was imparting some of his greatest wisdom for life. In the first chapter, Paul highlighted the heritage Timothy had in the Gospel, and Brother Peter related some testimonies of the pioneers of the Apostolic Faith Church to demonstrate the rich heritage that we also have.

In verse 13 of chapter 1, Paul told Timothy to “hold fast the form of sound words.” Brother Peter pointed out that the rest of the book explains how to hold fast to the sound words, and he discussed twelve specific steps mentioned by Paul: Stir Up, Be a Partaker, Keep, Commit, Study, Shun, Purge, Continue, Preach, Watch, Endure, and Evangelize. As he mentioned each one, Brother Peter expounded on the practical application of Paul’s admonition in our lives. He closed by saying that Paul’s primary goal in life was to please Jesus, and if we also have that desire, we will succeed as Christians. The evening closed with the song “One Day (When We All Get to Heaven)” followed by a time of prayer.

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Portland March Youth Weekend 2019