Portland News

May 27, 2019

Memorial Day Work Day

Hundreds of people came out to help spruce up the campground facilities at the annual Memorial Day work party on May 27. Workers began trickling in around 7:30 a.m. for breakfast, and by 8:30, numerous teams were at work on a variety of projects. The main tasks were from the usual to-do list: dusting and vacuuming the tabernacle and camp office, setting up the prayer room, scrubbing ten kitchenettes, sweeping out over 250 cabins, clearing debris from between the cabins, and power washing the three fountains. Perhaps the most appreciated crew of the morning was the donut break team, who served up hundreds of fresh donuts and coffee at 9:30.

In addition to the regular campground projects, teams put a fresh coat of paint on several buildings, emptied storage cabins, moved furniture into the women’s dorm and various cabins, and spread two units of fresh bark dust around the front lawn. By about noontime, there were noticeable improvements all around the grounds! At 12:30 the Memorial Day band played the national anthem and then Darrel Lee led in prayer before the lunch line opened. The band continued playing patriotic favorites as workers waited for their turn to enjoy the burgers, baked beans, potato salad, and fruit that had been provided. A tempting array of cookies, brownies, and cakes a la mode were served for dessert.

Getting the campground ready for camp meeting is a lot of work, but with help from so many people it does not take long to accomplish. Now we can look forward to seeing our camp meeting guests in less than five weeks!

Memorial Day 2019