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September 15, 2019

Promotion Sundays

Promotion Sunday is a fun time to be in Sunday school, and this year it took place on September 8 for most students and on September 15 for the Beginners. The departments looked especially nice with some fresh decorations, and teachers brought farewell gifts for their old classes and special treats for the new ones. It was an exciting time for students and teachers alike.

After general assembly on September 8, students had time to say goodbye to their former teachers and then they were off to find out who their new teachers and classmates would be for the coming year. A big change this year is a shift in the grades for the Junior and Primary Departments—the Juniors will now be fifth through eighth grades, and Primaries will be first through fourth. Consequently, the student population in the Junior Department did not change this year (no new incoming students and no one promoted), though everyone was moved to a new class. And in the Primary Department, no students were promoted to the Juniors but they did gain fourteen new first graders. In addition, a few new teachers were also welcomed. The following Sunday, September 15, was when the Beginner students changed to their new classes.

As the Sunday school departments embark on this new school year, let’s remember to keep them in our prayers. May the lessons taught every week stick with the students and have a life-changing effect on each one!

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Portland Promotion Sunday 2019